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Philly Sound Studios

The latest brainchild of our producer, Drew Raison, Philly Sound Studios is both a live concert venue and recording space. Drew's production values have never failed to impress even the most audiophilic of our fans.


Electric Kite Records

Electric Kite did the sound engineering for our Nashville sessions. If you're in the vicinity and want to do yourself a little recording, you've gotta check these guys out.


Tucson Kitchen Musicians Association

TKMA promotes public interest in acoustic music through the annual Tucson Folk Festival, which showcases nationally known acts and local favorites. The Tucson Folk Festival is—through heroic volunteer efforts and possibly magic—free to the public.


Sara Drive

Matt Hepler of Sara Drive generously contributed his percussion stylings to Highways and Hiking Shoes.



The Open Medicine Foundation

The Open Medicine Foundation's mission is to discover effective treatments for myalgic encephalomyelitis. They're currently conducting a big-data study that includes housebound and bedbound sufferers. This is a huge deal, as these patients tend not to be able to travel to laboratories, which means most ME research excludes the most severe sufferers.



An international network of ME patients who advocate for treatment and awareness.


HOPE Animal Shelter

A no-kill shelter that provides homeless dogs and cats with a cage-free, enriching environment, medical care, and the hope of a permanent home.



A webcomic by Mike "Wit" Witmer, who contributed a bunch of the awesome guitar parts on Highways and Hiking Shoes.