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"A soundtrack to the dreams you don't tell anyone."

Cinder Bridge is an original rock band based in Tucson, Arizona. With a piano-driven sound, thought-provoking lyrics, and soulful energy, we provide a soundtrack to the dreams you don't tell anyone.


Our songs cover topics that people have been exploring since language was invented. Hope. Insecurity. Friendship. Loneliness. The desire to find one's place in the world. Though it's well-nigh impossible to write something no one has written about before, we like to approach our subjects from a fresh angle. Give us a listen. Feel free to sing along.


"Cinder Bridge delivers a unique sound with a captivating, bluesy style. Wenger's bold vocals truly make Cinder Bridge's music and are perfectly complemented by the engaging, minimalist arrangements and universal themes addressed in the lyrics."

Whitney Vass

Local Radio Host for NPR affiliate, WPSU-FM

"Wenger's voice is like bootstrap molasses, sweet-salty and powerful but more husky than smooth. Her lyrics map the heart of a woman both wise and fragile, whose search for life's touchstone recounts both bumps and smooth rides in a style poetic and true ... Drum work is very good, matching Wenger's style so perfectly that it seems to disappear, enhancing rather than bringing attention to itself."

Kessel Day

Bound for Sound, issue #166